Customer Service Training Workshop

As we begin our transition to our new campus, we as a University wonder if we have done our job. Have we helped our students and staff to the best of our ability? How is our “customer service” towards them? 

As part of our step to better care for our students and staff, the Asian Leadership Center offered a customer service training workshop to provide the importance of its needs to the University.

The workshop was headed by Mr. Jonathon Gray, a junior at Ohio University who is currently working as a UC intern for ALC. 

According to Mr. Gray, his definition of customer service is helping “students and faculty” with their daily needs, in conjunction with the university. 

In addition, "we have ways to promote customer service," according to Jonathon.

       1. Stop what you are doing to assist. Never assume that your job is more important 

       than your customers. 

       2. Greet the student and faculty. Always smile and be friendly if at all possible. 

       3. Ask if there is anything you can help with. If you don’t know the answer asks 

       someone who does. But walk with them and you do the talking. This shows that you 

       have listened to their problems and know what they are asking. In the end this shows         

       4. Assist the students and faculty by helping them find what they want. 

       5. Ask (again) if there is anything else you may assist them with. Once you have 

       assisted them with a question or problem, there might be more questions that they 

       would like you to answer. Always make sure they are satisfied with all the help you 

       have given them. 
If we follow these five key steps, we can ensure that we have at least impacted good customer service skills on them.

In addition to these five steps, there are the Do’s and Don’ts of customer service.

Do’s                                                  Don’ts 

Smile                                                 Answer the phone

Be friendly                                          Send customers to someone else by themselves

Always help                                        Ignore customers

Furthermore, Mr. Bandol Lim, Director of ALC added that Cambodians don’t follow the customer rule of “first come first serve.” We need to learn how to treat everyone equally, he states. “As a staff member, the responsibility is on you to decide how to treat your customers,” Mr. Lim adds. 

If we learn how to better educate ourselves and the UC community about customer service, the university as a whole will grow. Now days there are more students competing to go to different colleges. With our university in expansion, we need to be able to provide every “customer” who comes through our doors with great gratitude.