Undergraduate Catalogue: English Course Descriptions

The following outlines of course content are correct at the time of writing, although the material (or the order in which it is covered) may be subject to change.

1. All courses are 3 credit hours each, unless otherwise indicated.

2. Normally, a course will not be run without a minimum enrolment of students.

ENG101: College English

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the different techniques of academic essay writing. Students will learn the writing process by studying grammar, sentence structure, paragraph and essay structure. (Note: This course must be counted towards the General Education requirements of all students.)

ENG102: English Composition

The focus is on composition and formats of various written documents. The students will be introduced to various formats of letter-writing, essays, posters and articles. Various projects will also be included for students to sample the variety of English in the academic world. (Note: This course must be counted towards the General Education requirements of all Bachelor's students.)

ENG105: Practical English Language in Use

A general overview of English with a focus on fluency in all four skills. Vocabulary development, confidence in usage, and ability to deal with English in both formal and colloquial settings will be emphasized.
ENG106: Introduction to the Appreciation of Literature

Study of works representing the scope and variety of themes and types of literature. This course focuses on the reading of literature as enjoyment.

ENG107: The Written Language

In this course, the practical implementation of grammar in written language will require a large amount of written work to be produced. Writing in the business community, informal and formal written communication in the work place will be dealt with.

ENG108: Critical Reading and Writing

This develops the skills of discursive writing by exploring thought-provoking issues in the††††† news and feature-stories, articles and editorials.

ENG205: Practical English Language in Use Stage 2 (prerequisite: ENG105)

Continuing from where ENG105 left off, this course will provide more intensive practice on fluency in all four skills with vocabulary development.

ENG206: Practical English Language in Use Stage 3 (prerequisite: ENG205)

This is an advanced course in the practical usage of English which seeks to develop and/or upgrade reading skills. Skills of analysis, synthesis, paraphrasing and summarizing are also considered.

ENG208: Advanced Grammar and Usage

This aims at refining the studentsí understanding of English structures and improving their ability to use English meaningfully and correctly.

ENG209: Spoken English

This is an intensive course concentrating on the aspects of spoken English which are most likely to cause communication problems. Students will participate in academic discussions, give brief presentations and learn pronunciation skills

ENG215: Critical Approaches to Reading Literature

This aims at a productive reading of literature through the examination of works from a variety of genres. It provides students with a basic critical vocabulary for the analysis and discussion of literature.

ENG216: Creative Writing

This covers the fundamentals of writing fiction and non-fiction, developing and supporting ideas and persuading an audience. Students will be offered intensive practice in every stage of the writing process from generating ideas to final proof-reading.

ENG218: Writing for Academic Purposes

Students will receive intensive instruction in academic writing and research. The course includes an analysis of the stylistic requirements for writing Academic English

ENG219: Business Communication

This covers writing in the business community, formal and informal written communication in the work-place, business report-writing, etc. Written English for marketing and advertising is also covered.

ENG220: Principles of Translation

This considers the principles and practice of translating from English to Khmer and vice versa.

ENG225: Literature and Society

This looks at how the literature of a period mirrors the contemporary society with examples from various regions and periods.

ENG226: Studies in Poetry

This involves the reading of poetry from different periods with the goal of learning how to appreciate and analyze different kinds of poems with study of tone, figurative language etc.

ENG227: Studies in Fiction

Representative examples of novels and short stories from different periods, emphasizing an understanding of the features and techniques of fiction.

ENG228: Survey of English Literature

This looks at a representative selection from English writers, from the Middle Ages to the present.

ENG229: Survey of American Literature

This looks at a representative selection from American writers from the 18th century to the present.

ENG232: Asian English Literature

This provides an overview of the major Asian writers using English as their medium, and English authors writing in and about Asia.

ENG305: Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

This is a specialized course for students considering teaching as career; it concentrates on the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language.

ENG307: English for Computing

This familiarizes students with the vocabulary used in computing from operating systems to virtual reality.

ENG315: English for Tourism

English for specific purpose with a focus on English used in the travel and tourism industry.

ENG316: English in Management

Specifically designed for those working in business or management. The course focuses on English in the fast-paced organizational settings, and both internal and external communication in such environments.

ENG317: News and Article Writing

Advanced work in writing news stories, profiles, features, and investigative stories.. Components of newsworthiness, examination of evidence, interview techniques, varied writing styles.

ENG405: Literature of the English Renaissance

Prose, poetry and drama of the English Renaissance, including Shakespeare, Milton, Marlowe, Bacon and Donne.

ENG407: The English Romantic Period

Poetry and prose of Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge and their contemporaries, with an emphasis on the Romantic spirit and the conception of self.

ENG408: The Victorian Period

Poetry and prose by Tennyson, Browning, Arnold and others, emphasizing literary,††††† social and political issues, and religious controversies.

ENG412: Asian American Literature

Poetry and prose by twentieth-century Asian American novelists and poets, with an emphasis on issues of immigration, race, displacement, identity and gender.†††††††  





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