Undergraduate Catalogue: Fine Arts and Performing Arts Course Descriptions

The following outlines of course content are correct at the time of writing, although the material (or the order in which it is covered) may be subject to change.

1. All courses are 3 credit hours each, unless otherwise indicated.

2. Normally, a course will not be run without a minimum enrolment of students.

ART101: Introduction to Art History

How art relates to society in Western and non-Western cultures, examining the major historical and contemporary approaches to judging art. (Note: this may also be counted as a General Education course.)

ART102: Survey of Eastern Art - Japan, China and Korea

An overview of the major artistic movements in East Asia, from ancient to modern times. The course will explore how these nations’ cultural and national identity have been shaped through their artistic accomplishments.

ART103: Survey of Eastern Art - India and Southeast Asia

The formation and development of Eastern Art in India and Southeast Asia, emphasizing the common artistic and cultural transformations that influenced both regions’ artists. (Note: this may also be counted as a General Education course.)

ART104: Survey of European Art - Classical and Medieval Art

This course examines the development of Classical and Medieval Art, tracing their origins while exploring their cultural and aesthetic significance to ancient Europe.

ART105: Survey of European - Art Renaissance to Modern

An overview of the major artistic developments from the Renaissance to Modern eras. Significant artists of each period will be examined in detail, comparing and contrasting their respective styles, influences, methods, etc.

ART201: Khmer Art

An examination of the historical roots and growth of traditional Khmer art. The course will also explore how contemporary artistic movements have evolved from traditional Cambodian techniques.

ART202: Buddhist Art

Significant trends and developments of Buddhist art from ancient to modern times will be examined, exploring how the philosophical nature of Buddhism is expressed through various artists, countries and time periods.

ART203: The Arts of Japan

This course will examine the various traditional arts of Japanese culture, tracing their development and highlighting their significance in the culture as a whole.

ART204: The Arts of China

Various visual arts from ancient China will be studied, along with their development and through centuries of cultural transformation.

ART205: The Arts of Southeast Asia

This course will explore the formation and development of various art forms in Southeast Asia, including Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian art.

ART301: Renaissance and Baroque Art

The development of artistic modes of expression in Germany, France and Italy, from the beginning of the Renaissance period.

ART302: Neo-Classicism to Romanticism

An examination of the artistic period stretching from the Neo-Classicist to Romantic eras, including photography and academic studies.

ART303: Impressionism to Post-Impressionism

The development Impressionism to Post-Impressionism in France from 1850-1900.

ART304: Twentieth-Century Art to 1945

Examining the major artistic trends of the twentieth century, from 1900 through both World Wars. Various cultural and national trends will be examined.

ART305: Twentieth-Century Art from 1945

Examining the major artistic trends post World War II, emphasizing the artists who influenced and shaped contemporary art.

ART401: Art Theory

Consideration of historic and contemporary theories and aesthetic frames of reference whereby what has been, or is, identified as art is so defined.

ART402: Art Criticism

The various schools of contemporary critical thought will be introduced and explored, emphasizing the significant similarities and fundamental differences of these various approaches.

ART403: Cross-Cultural Visual Literacy

This course will explore the understanding of various cultures’ artistic achievements through the prism of nationality, culture, race, etc. An examination of how to ‘read’ works of art alien to our own culture and experience.

ART404: Art and Society

An exploration of the role that art plays in modern society, examining how artists influence the culture’s view of itself and how the culture, in turn, shapes each artist’s own particular vision.

ART405: Women Artists

Examining the significant women artists of historical and modern times, exploring how their art has been influenced, shaped and judged due to gender bias and expectations.

ART406: Arts in the World Market

This course explores art as commerce in the world market, examining how economic trends and international trade has affected how art is created, sold and judged on a global scale.




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