Undergraduate Catalogue: American Studies Course Descriptions

The following outlines of course content are correct at the time of writing, although the material (or the order in which it is covered) may be subject to change.

1. All courses are 3 credit hours each, unless otherwise indicated.

2. Normally, a course will not be run without a minimum enrolment of students.

AMR101: Introduction to American Studies

Introduces the students to interdisciplinary approaches to the study of American culture and civilization. (Note: this may also be counted as a General Education course.)

AMR102: Introduction to American History

Introduces the students to the history of America from from the arrival of the first humans to the present.

AMR103: The American Experience

This interdisciplinary course examines diversity and changes in American values and lives in a cultural, sociological and historical context.

AMR104: The Asian American Experience

This course discusses the Asian American experience in the United States from the early migration to the recent waves of Asian immigrants.

AMR201: American History to 1865

In this course, students learn about the history of America from its discovery by Columbus to 1865.

AMR202: American History from 1865

Introduces the students to the history of America from 1865 to the present.

AMR203: American Government and Politics

In this course, students are given a window into American political institutions, politics and policy.

AMR204: American Culture and the World

This course examines the impact American culture has around the world and discusses the controversies surrounding the world’s anxiety about American influences.

AMR205: Popular Culture in America

This course examines the different elements that make up popular culture in America through the many different media and their influence in the world.

AMR206: The American Novel

In this course, students read literary work by famous American writers and discuss how these novels reflect the different periods in American lives and also how they have influenced the different generations.

AMR207: Women in America

This course offers students a comprehensive look at the feminist movement in the United States and issues of gender.

AMR208: Race in America

Slavery, immigration, and race issues from the foundation of the American nation to the present will be examined in this course.

AMR209: Film and American Cultural Studies

In this course, students will be introduced to the many different aspects of American lives through the lens of the movie camera.

AMR301: Critics of American Culture

Through the use of different media such as the newspapers, magazines, the internet, and books, students will look at different critics of American culture.

AMR302: Cultural Themes in America

Explores the various cultures co-existing alongside each other in American society, stressing their commonalities and examining their differences.

AMR303: Culture and the Arts in America

How various arts have contributed to the fabric of American culture will be examined, and how the culture itself has been shaped by these arts.

AMR304: American Cultural Eras

Various eras in American culture will be explored, examining the artistic, political and social realities of these times.

AMR401: Literature and American Society

The importance of literature in American cultural life. Its relevance, influences and impact will be explored through the study of key authors and literary movements.

AMR402: Material Aspects of American Life

An examination of materialism in American society. How national prosperity has affected and altered the “American Dream” and shaped the modern definition of “success.”

AMR403: Business and American Culture Studies

The influence and effect of American business on culture, examining the role major corporations play in the everyday social, fiscal and artistic aspects of American life.

AMR404: The African American Experience

The study of African American history, culture and artistic expressions from America’s inception to modern times.

AMR405: The Cambodian American Experience

Examines Cambodian Americans as members of American society, and how their cultural, familial and historical heritage affects and influences their present-day realities.




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